«Live in Paris»
Artist: Oslo Gospel Choir · Utgitt: 01.01-1997

Live in Paris Oslo Gospel Choir

Låtoversikt Live in Paris

1Glory To God Almighty (Hans Esben Gihle),06:23
2Perfect Peace (Andrae Crouch & Kristle Murden)04:47
3Your Love (Marianne F. Bondevik & Andrae Crouch)06:03
4Jesus On The Mainline (Hans Esben Gihle)06:51
5His Name Will Shine (Lars Fredriksen)04:21
6Sweet Jesus (Andrae Crouch)05:00
7It's Not In Vain (Kristine Pettersen Akselsen)05:41
8Talkin' 'Bout You (Kristin Reitan)03:59
9When You Need A Friend (Hans Esben Gihle)05:31
10Teach Us Your Way (Ole Edvard Reitan)05:36
11Because Of You (Kristine Pettersen Akselsen)05:31
12Soon And Very Soon (Andrae Crouch & Kristle Murden)07:12
13My Tribute (Andrae Crouch & Kristle Murden)04:51